ncona-Matelica, better known as Ancona, is an Italian football club headquartered in Matelica and its operational headquarters in Ancona. They play in Serie C, third level of the Italian football. Established in 2021 following the agreements between SS Matelica Calcio 1921 and US Anconitana ASD, it is the heir of the sporting tradition that began in 1905 with the establishment of the Anconitana Sports Union and then passed in the following decades through various corporate entities, bankruptcies and re-foundations. . In over 90 official seasons played, the club from the Marches boasts seven participations in the top national championship as its greatest result: two in the single group Serie A (in the years 1992-1993 and 2003-2004 ) and five in the First Division (in the first half of the years). twenty ). To these are added twenty-five participations in the second series and forty-four in the third . In his palmarès, at national level, he boasts the conquest of an Italian Amateur Cup . He reached the Italian Cup final in the 1993-1994 season . The social colors are white and red. Play the home matches at the Del Conero stadium .

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