Arnett Gardens

Arnett Gardens

The Arnett Gardens Football Club is a Jamaican football club based in Kingston, which currently plays in the Jamaica National Premier League. The team is based in the Arnett Gardens community of South Saint Andrew, Jamaica, and plays in the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex. The team came out of a merger between the All Saints and Jones Town Football teams in 1977. Arnett's fans originate primarily from Arnett Gardens and its adjoining communities – Jones Town, Craig Town, Hannah Town & Admiral Town. The Junglists, as their fans are known, are very passionate and vociferous about their team and will travel all over the country in support of the team. The Arnett Gardens part of Kingston is popularly known as the Concrete Jungle, hence the nickname of the club. The club won the league in its very first season, 1978. Although it suffered a long drought after that, it re-emerged at the start of the new millennium, winning both the 2000–01 and 2001–02 championships.

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