Motor České Budějovice

Motor České Budějovice

ČEZ Motor České Budějovice is a professional men's ice hockey club, based in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. It is a member of the Czech ELH after reforming when the original club, now known as Mountfield HK, moved to Hradec Králové over a sponsorship dispute. Home stadium of the team ČEZ Motor České Budějovice is Budvar Arena in České Budějovice. The long history started in 1911, when group of young gymnasium students devised a plan to start a bandy team. Their first hockey rinks were situated exactly where the Malše river and Vltava river merge. Dr. Zdeněk Černý was the first coach, manager, as well as a player of the team. The bandy club lasted until World War I. Some of the first victims of the war were players from České Budějovice such as Áda Schrabal, Karel Selinka, Jan Vrkoč, and Leo Feigl.

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