Al-Mokawloon al-Arab

Al-Mokawloon al-Arab

Nadi al-Mokawloon al-Arab al-Riyadi (Arabic: نادي المقاولون العرب الرياضي‎, English: Arab Contractors Sporting Club), known shortly as Al-Mokawloon al-Arab between the locals, is an Egyptian sports club based in Nasr City, Cairo. The club was founded in 1973 by the Egyptian engineer, contractor, entrepreneur, and politician Osman Ahmed Osman as the official sporting club for his prominent, regional construction company, the Arab Contractors, arguably the biggest one in the entire Middle East at that time. The club is best known for their football team, which currently plays in the Egyptian Premier League, the highest league in the Egyptian football league system. The club over the years have produced some of the most famous and talented players in Egypt, including Abdel Sattar Sabry, Mohamed Salah, and Mohamed Elneny.

10 Jun
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Al-Mokawloon al-Arab vs El Dakhleya LIVE! Egyptian Premier League
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