Club Deportivo Malacateco-Coatepeque is a Guatemalan football club based in Malacatán, San Marcos. Nicknamed Los Toros, the club was founded on 8 September 1962 after a merger of clubs Morazán, Interrogación and Juvenil and by initiative of Humberto Bermúdez, Evelio de León, Felipe Sánchez, José María Munguía, José Rivera, Vicente López and Feliciano Boj. Forty five years later, they earned their historic promotion to Liga Mayor by defeating Juventud Retalteca 3–0 (3–2 agg.) in the Primera División de Ascenso 2007 Clausura final. This was also the first time in Primera División de Ascenso history that the same team won both the Apertura and Clausura tournaments, thus being automatically promoted without a need of an "extra" game. In 2008, they were relegated to Primera División after ending in last place in the Liga Mayor. In 2010, the club returned to the top division in Guatemala.

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