Top Non-Golfers Tiger Woods Has Played With

Golf news Dec 8, 2022

The 15-time major winner has paid the highest possible respect to two retired professional players.

Now that John Smoltz and Tony Romo have Tiger Woods's full endorsement, they may officially retire from baseball.

The 15-time major winner was recently featured in a Bleacher Report video in which he was asked to pick the top professional players he has played golf with who are not golfers. After some thought, Woods responded.

Smoltz or Romo. "They're both fantastic golfers."

Both the Hall of Fame pitcher and the former Cowboys quarterback may be retired from their respective sports, but after hearing that the GOAT praised them, they can likely put the clubs down with pride. Woods isn't exaggerating; Smoltz and Romo have played in PGA Tour tournaments thanks to sponsor exemptions (Romo in four, Smoltz in one).

In addition, the five-time Masters' winner has named the finest celebrity foursome with whom he's ever played a round, earning additional points for Smoltz in the process. Woods claimed to have played with legendary Atlanta Braves pitchers John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux in the 1990s.

Woods said, "That was epic." "I made a 62 and a 63 and went broke."

In anticipation of this Saturday's prime-time broadcast of Capital One's "The Match," Woods sat down with Bleacher Report and answered a flurry of questions.

Woods withdrew last week from the Hero World Challenge because of a foot problem. However, golf carts will be used in this weekend's TV production. Twelve holes of golf will be played between Woods and McIlroy and Thomas and Spieth.

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